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Relate, encourage,  be inspired.

Current Groups

OCD Therapeutic Group

In this group, you will be treated for OCD and/or OCD related disorders, such as phobic and obsessive anxiety, with the added benefit of peer support. This group is psychoeducational and includes expert treatment using the gold standards of OCD and anxiety recovery (such a Exposure & Response Prevention) in every supportive conversation. 

Too many times, we have seen patients who have been misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, or experienced a complete failure to appropriately treat their OCD and phobias in a clinical and effective way by mental health providers. Likewise, other OCD support groups that are not expertly facilitated may run the risk of exposing clients to “reassurance”, worsening OCD over time. This is not that group! You will receive real tools for recovery.

Please send an email to 
To sign up you will need to complete consent forms. 

$75 per group. Come as often as you’d like. Group is 1 hour and 15 minutes , every Monday at Noon.

Group will be held online, but has a potential to be held in person at our offices upon members’ requests.


For teen girls who are survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault (2nd Tuesday of every month, 5pm-615pm)

Coping Skills & Support Group for girls

(1st Tuesday of every month, 6pm-730pm)

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