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The Therapy Hub is a group practice of friendly and skilled counselors eager to help you with your every need for change and growth. We offer individual, family, couples, and group counseling services in the traditional office setting, online (teletherapy), and in other alternative settings. We work with adults, children, and teens of any age. We aim to collaborate with our clients using the power of the unique and special client-therapist relationship and evidence-based clinical practices.

Psychotherapy is a form of self-care; for yourself, your relationships, and for your family. At The Therapy Hub, we want you to not only feel welcome and at-home in our beautiful and comfortable offices, but we also want you to know that, by coming to therapy, you you are doing something wonderful and necessary for your well-being and for your future self! We believe that when you take care of your mind, you can overcome anything from your past or present stress and become your 'ideal self'.

We are open-minded, non-judgmental, culturally competent, socially informed, LGBTQIA.+ affirmative, and we want to hear your truth and learn about who you are. Whatever that may be.

{The Therapy Hub was established in 2014 as Stetson Counseling & Wellness, LLC before expanding and hiring the amazing team that we have today. SCW still provides consulting services, qualified supervision for licensing Mental Health Counseling interns, professional trainings for CEUs, and our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy services.}

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