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Take a step to true health & wellness.

The Therapy Hub offers you the most advanced and modern cognitive+emotional+behavioral counseling modalities available, with highly-trained, skilled, and easy-to-talk-to therapists.  

This is the help you've been hoping for: expert guidance from therapists who understand what you need! Message, email, or text for easy scheduling or consultation.

Working together, you and your therapist will create a tailored counseling experience for you, so that you can build insight and examine thoughts and feelings to improve overall mental health, well-being, relationships, and more. We want our clients to reach their ideal self, by eliminating the mental health issues that get in the way of this! Life can get us knotted up and we want to help you to untangle that knot and start feeling like yourself again. It doesn't matter how near or far from success we might be or seem to others, anyone can start feeling far from how they want to feel. 

From the initial appointment, you will gain a sense of hope and relief that the feelings you have been experiencing really can be managed, life can be what you wish, and you can feel better! If you have had a bad experience with therapy or you fear that it will be one, fear no more! We want you to be excited to come and feel great when you leave!

It is our priority to create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment for you. We want our offices to be an oasis of self-care and wellness for you!

The Therapy Hub accepts:

Oscar Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

United Healthcare





Florida Victim Compensation 

And we can help you get reimbursed for private pay costs by your insurance company by verifying out of network benefits for you, providing documentation, submitting your claims, and more. Ask us how. 

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The Therapy Hub provides counseling services to individuals in living and/or working in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast, or virtually throughout the state of Florida. We strive to provide psychological services which promote individual growth and psychological health. We understand that each client we work with is a unique individual influenced by his or her culture, family, values and beliefs, and personal identity. We strive to honor and respect the uniqueness of each person we treat. Mental health treatment first begins with clearly understanding and identifying the clients’ goals and establishing a treatment plan based on those individualized goals.

Overall in our work, we seek to alleviate psychological suffering in clients, we seek to promote a positive sense of self and self-esteem, we seek to lessen the experience of anxiety and worry which can inhibit one’s enjoyment of life, we seek to help clients nurture and discover ways to enjoy and make the most of their lives, we seek to assist clients to engage in healthy behaviors, and we seek to increase clients sense of meaning and purpose in life. We want clients to reconnect with themselves and others, navigate current and past experiences that have been left unprocessed, and find a deeper sense of self.

We also endeavor to promote better functioning and satisfaction in clients’ work, personal interests, and in their relationships. When working with couples, we aspire to strengthen emotional bonds and improve communication. Each therapist at The Therapy Hub has their own unique approach to counseling, however, we share a common goal of providing quality, effective, empathic treatment to the whole person. Our goal is to guide individuals, couples, and families toward better functioning in all areas of their lives. Psychological treatment at The Therapy Hub is grounded in researched based interventions and theories and are delivered in an ethical manner, always with respect for the client. 

In summary, our mission is to promote the growth of each client and our hope is that each individual discovers well-being through the uniqueness of the therapeutic relationship and the therapist’s roll in each client’s life; as supporter, teacher, confidant, and healthcare provider.

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Bring me your suffering
The rattle roar of broken bones
Bring me the riot in you heart
Angry, wild, and raw
Bring it all
I am not afraid of the dark

Mia Hollow

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